Prix Ford Fiesta ST 2018 : des tarifs à partir de 23 200 euros

The 200 PS all-new Ford Fiesta ST will deliver the most responsive, engaging and fun-to-drive Fiesta ST experience ever, using sophisticated Sports Technologies including an optional limited-slip differential, Ford-patented force vectoring springs and optional Launch Control. The driver in the film is Louise Cook, a British rally driver. Louise made history in 2012 becoming the FIA Production Car Cup for Drivers of 2WD Champion, and the first female to gain a FIA Rally Championship Title not specifically for women. See more Fiesta ST: ___ Follow Ford Europe on social media: ▶ YouTube Sub' 👉 ▶ Collections 👉 ▶ Google+ 👉 ▶ Instagram 👉 ▶ Twitter 👉

Durée : 00:00:57

Date : 12/03/2018