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Honda CRV makes concerning noise when I start it.?

  • Kevin234 #1 18-04-2021 17:34:57

    Let me start by saying I know close to nothing about cars, so bare with me.

    I just purchased this car from my mom with barely 50,000 miles on it. She is super anal about everything and I know she took really good care of it. After trading in my 2003 Honda Accord and selling an impulse buy used and lifted 2011 Jeep Wrangler (long story!) I thought this car would be perfect and reliable for me.

    However, recently, when I put my key in the ignition and turn to start, it makes this loud noise, the only way I can think of describing it is like a harsh crunching sound. It it’s always worse when I start it for the first time in the morning and gets softer or even does not occur after. I recently didn’t drive it for a few days and the noise was way worse than I’ve ever heard it before.

    A friend had suggest it may be the exhaust pipe, but I wanted to know if anyone else had any opinions on what it could be & how serious this is. Money is a little tight for the next couple of months, which why I came here instead of taking it to a mechanic.

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